In the past few years, the temporary rental sector has witnessed remarkable expansion, with Airbnb at the forefront. As 2023 draws to a close, it’s crucial to spotlight the urban centers that have thrived in this arena. Thanks to Resideline, we’ve compiled a detailed list of the cities boasting the highest Airbnb occupancy rates this year.

Introducing Resideline

Resideline stands out in the real estate industry by thoroughly analyzing millions of properties listed in the MLS, spanning across all states from Honolulu to Miami. Using cutting-edge AI technology and an extensive database of rental comparisons, Resideline provides valuable revenue estimates for both short-term rentals like Airbnb and traditional leases. This means you can quickly identify the most profitable properties, making your investment decisions easier and more informed.

Hawaii’s Unwavering Appeal

Hawaii’s islands have consistently attracted tourists, and 2023 was no different. Kaneohe clinched the lead with a remarkable 73.63% occupancy rate and an average daily rate of $415.1. Other Hawaiian locales like Waianae and EwaBeach also secured positions in the top list, showcasing impressive occupancy rates.

A Mosaic of U.S. Destinations

From SummerlandKey, FL’s sun-kissed shores to Anaheim, CA’s lively avenues, the range of destinations on this roster reflects travelers’ diverse tastes. Be it Madison, WI’s rich history or Sedona, AZ’s picturesque charm, there’s a locale for every preference.

Balancing High Occupancy with Premium Daily Rates

While robust occupancy rates signify demand, the average daily rate offers a glimpse into these spots’ profitability. For example, Napa, CA, not only has a 64.53% occupancy rate but also commands an average daily rate of an impressive $526.53. Similarly, Boulder, CO, with a 63.33% occupancy rate, fetches an average daily rate of $528.84, marking it as a prime location for Airbnb proprietors.

Final Thoughts

The short-term leasing sector has seen rejuvenation and expansion in 2023. As tourists regain their wanderlust and start journeying again, American cities are benefiting. From Hawaii’s paradisiacal beaches to New Jersey’s underrated treasures, the Airbnb scene is both varied and rewarding. As we anticipate 2024, these urban centers serve as a gold standard for others to emulate. Whether you’re a wanderer scouting your subsequent adventure or an Airbnb owner hunting for the next big thing, this Resideline-curated list offers a deep dive into the dynamic realm of temporary rentals.

Top Cities with Highest Airbnb Occupancy Rates in 2023:

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